Resident Curator Programs & Projects
Massachusetts’ resident curator program is currently the nation’s most active, but Maryland, Delaware, and Connecticut have programs with websites as well. North Carolina and Vermont have or seek resident curators for properties on state land, despite the absence of an official state-wide program. If you know of other state programs or houses maintained by resident curators, please let us know so we can link to them. For current activity, see details in this alphabetical list below.

Connecticut’s Department of Energy & Environmental Protection launched a program with two houses in May 2010. The website is active but lists no available properties at this time.

Since 2004, Delaware’s Department of Parks & Recreation has run a small program with five houses inhabited by resident curators, an active website that currently lists five available properties, and two additional properties pending.

Maryland’s Department of Natural Resource runs the nation’s oldest program, with more than 40 properties under the care of a resident curator. The number of houses is currently limited, but curators receive a lifetime lease in exchange for their efforts.

Since 1994, Massachusetts’ Department of Conservation & Recreation has a run a Historic Curator Program. Fourteen properties are under the care of resident curators, and more than 30 properties are still available.

New Jersey
In 2007, New Jersey was attempting to pass legislation for a resident curator program, but progress seems to have stalled. No further information is available.

North Carolina
North Carolina appointed its first and only resident curator to date in 2009. For more information, contact Ted Alexander of Preservation North Carolina (704/482-3531;

In 2006, Vermont offered three houses in state parks to resident curators.

Virginia just passed legislation that will allow municipalities to earmark properties for rehabilitation by a resident curator.